To understand what Lumineers are, let’s first take a look into veneers.

Veneers are a cosmetic dental treatment option that help make your teeth appear both whiter and straighter. Typically made of thin porcelain material, they are used to cover up stained, discolored, or damaged teeth.

Lumineers are a brand of veneer that are ultra-thin and durable, and faster to apply than regular veneers. Traditional veneers are usually about 0.5mm thick — Lumineers are 0.2mm thick. For reference, that’s about the thickness of a dollar bill!


Dr. Frank Hackman and his team offer Lumineers, a type of veneer that is thin and has the added benefit of being reversible. These specialized Veneers are made from Cerinate porcelain which is incredibly thin yet durable and resistant to staining. This allows for minimal discomfort when being applied as well as improved aesthetics compared to traditional veneers . Lumineers are a great option for those who desire to quickly and painlessly improve the appearance of their teeth. With a simple application, your smile can be transformed in just a few short office visits. Best of all, Lumineers are designed to last for many years with proper hygiene and maintenance. Choose Dr. Hackman and his team  for your Lumineers and you’ll be sure to have a beautiful, natural-looking smile for years to come. 

dental lumineers

Dr. Hackman is an expert in applying Lumineers and his team works hard to make sure that every patient is completely satisfied with the end result of their procedure. His office uses the latest technology available  to ensure that your smile looks perfect. Additionally, Dr. Hackman and his team provide personalized attention to each patient in order to achieve the highest quality results and satisfaction.

Benefits of lumineers

– Minimal discomfort during the procedure 

– Improved aesthetics 

– Durable and resistant to staining 

– Quick and painless application 

– Lasts for many years with proper hygiene and maintenance 

– Uses latest technology available 

– Personalized attention from Dr. Hackman and team.  

If you’re looking for a way to quickly improve the look of your smile without the hassle or pain of traditional veneers, Lumineers could be just  the solution. Get in touch with All Family Dental Care today to learn more about Lumineers and how they can help you achieve a beautiful, lasting smile.   You’ll be glad you did!