“As a dentist myself, and being in touch with many dentists as friends and colleagues, I am very picky when it comes in choosing a dentist. I chose Dr. Frank Hackman as my personal dentist because he is an excellent and outstanding dentist. Dr. Frank is also very gentle, caring and makes me very comfortable. I completely trust him.”
Javier G.

“I used to think that cosmetic dentistry was only for the wealthy and not for the ordinary working man. I was surprised at how affordable it was to get a brilliant and bright smile.”
Nancy A.

“In only two visits, the gaps between my teeth were gone. Thank you Dr. Hackman for your efficiency with time.
My only regret is why I didn’t do it earlier.”
Emily K.

“Dr. Hackman spent time to answer all of my questions regarding the pros and cons of different treatment plans. He made sure that I had fully understood the various options available to me.”
Laura J.

“My visit to Dr. Frank Hackman has dramatically changed my life for the BETTER and FOREVER. I am no longer afraid to smile like before because my teeth were unattractive. If I had known that cosmetic dentistry was so easy, I would have made the decision to change my life 20 years ago.”
Ronnie V.

“Dr. Hackman and staff are very friendly and professional. I enjoyed my experience. After I got my teeth whitened with Zoom in only one hour, I got many complements from my friends. I wish I had done it earlier. I highly recommend them to every one.”
Martin N.

“I was always afraid of dentists as a child and therefore I postponed my dental treatment. As a result my dental health only got worse. Dr. Hackman was so gentle and caring and made my fears go away. Thanks you Dr. Hackman and Staff for giving me a beautiful smile.”

Rhonda M.