Cosmetic Partial Dentures

They are attached to the existing teeth and are customized to fit well. Dr. Frank Hackman match the shade of gums and prosthetic teeth to match it with your natural smile. Unlike dental bridges, partial dentures do not require the surrounding teeth to be altered.

Cosmetic Partial Dentures

In the past, partial dentures that replaced multiple teeth required metal on the facial surfaces of teeth…easily noticed metal that most of us would not like. Today, you have a second option, in the form of a flexible acrylic called Valplast. In most cases, Valplast allows us to have the metal substructure only on the inside of the partial denture, where it can not be seen. The flexible acrylic allows us to get retion around your teeth without any metal showing.

At Family Dental Care, Dr. Frank Hackman provides patients with beautiful and natural-looking cosmetic partial dentures for those who have lost some of their teeth. Partial dentures can improve the appearance of a smile and restore lost functions such as eating or speaking which are essential to daily life.

Cosmetic partial dentures consist of a replacement tooth or teeth that are attached to a base material, typically made of plastic and metal. The artificial teeth are custom-designed to match the appearance and color of natural teeth, giving patients a confident smile.

Reasons, why Dr. Hackman is the best option for partial dentures, include:

  • Aesthetic appeal: Dr. Hackman has extensive experience in designing and fitting partial dentures and can ensure that the teeth look as natural-looking as possible. 
  • Comfort fit: Partial dentures need to fit comfortably to be practical and comfortable to wear. Dr. Hackman tailors the dentures’ design to ensure they fit perfectly.
  • Durability: Quality materials and proper care ensure that your partial dentures will last for years to come, with regular check-ups from Dr. Hackman to ensure their condition and durability. 

Family Dental Care is dedicated to providing patients with top quality dental care using the latest technology and the most aesthetic options for dental treatments. Partial dentures can dramatically improve your smile, and Dr. Hackman is committed to giving you the best result possible.

At Family Dental Care, Dr. Hackman employs many years of experience in cosmetic dentistry to create partial dentures that look and feel natural. He works with each patient to ensure the perfect fit for their partial cosmetic dentures, resulting in a comfortable and secure experience.

Cosmetic partial dentures offer an ideal solution for those looking for a beautiful, natural-looking smile. Dr. Hackman is available at Family Dental Care for consultations and to discuss creating gorgeous, custom-made cosmetic partial dentures. Contact us today for more information!

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