Oral Health Exams, Northridge, Ca

A dental exam is a checkup of your teeth and gums. Most children and adults should get a dental exam every six months. These exams are important for protecting oral health. Oral health problems can become serious and painful if not treated promptly.

Comprehensive Oral Health Exams

Every new patient receives a thorough examination and a precise assessment of his or her oral health. Dr. Hackman will discuss your needs, answer your questions, advise you of options, and make his recommendations for treatment. Intra-oral cameras, computer imaging, and surgical telescopes are available when indicated for Oral health exams and even more in-depth analysis and better results.

Oral Health Exams
oral health exams

Safeguarding Your Health

Oral health exams are essential for maintaining good overall health. They help detect potential problems with the teeth, gums, and jaw before they become serious.

Dentists and hygienists evaluate the condition of the teeth and gums to check for any signs of tooth decay or gum disease.

They also examine the tongue, jaw, and other oral structures to identify any structural problems or signs of infection.

Exceptional Care for Your Smile: Dr. Frank Hackman’s Comprehensive Exams

At All Family Dental Care, Dr. Frank Hackman takes a comprehensive approach to oral health exams. He starts by taking a detailed medical history to understand the patient’s overall health and determine if any underlying conditions may affect the oral exam. Then, he will perform a thorough evaluation of the teeth, gums, and other structures in the mouth to check for any potential problems. He also takes digital X-rays to get an even more accurate picture of what is going on inside the mouth.

Optimal Care for Lasting Smiles: Personalized Recommendations for Superior Oral Health

Dr. Hackman finishes off by providing the patient with personalized recommendations on how to maintain and improve their oral health.

From giving dietary advice to suggesting specific treatments, Dr. Hackman ensures his patients get the best care possible. With regular exams and professional cleanings at All Family Dental Care, patients can stay on top of their oral health for years.

Regular oral exams, combined with professional cleanings, form the foundation of proactive dental care. By visiting All Family Dental Care for routine exams, you can stay ahead of potential problems, maintain a healthy smile, and enjoy long-term oral health benefits.

Don’t overlook the importance of oral assessments

Make an appointment with Dr. Hackman today and get the personalized care you need to keep your mouth healthy.

With All Family Dental Care, you can be confident that you are receiving the highest quality oral health care available. Contact us today to schedule your next dental check-up!

Protecting Your Smile With Preventive Care