How to Prevent Infection and Promote Healing After a Tooth Extraction

To reduce the risk of infection following tooth extraction, it is important to adhere to all instructions given by your oral surgeon. Implementing these steps will help you ensure a safe and successful recovery. 

Maintaining top-notch oral hygiene is paramount following a tooth extraction. Patients should clean their teeth and gums regularly, eschewing any efforts to disturb the blood clot so it can heal properly on its own. To reduce any discomfort or inflammation, try rinsing your mouth with warm salt water while allowing the solution to simply drain from your mouth without forcefully spitting. Depending on individual circumstances, we may also suggest an antiseptic as part of daily routine maintenance; however please refrain from picking at or pulling out the blood clot. If you have questions about post-extraction care don’t hesitate to contact your dentist right away.

Tips to follow after a tooth extraction

Follow these guidelines to ensure the best possible healing outcomes and track progress:

  • To manage any potential bleeding at the incision site, gently bite down on a gauze pad and keep it in place. Be sure to replace the gauze when necessary. Remember – do not disturb or irritate the area while you are healing!
  • Adhere to your antibiotic prescription; complete the course! Most patients will be given antibiotics before or post-surgery. Unless instructed otherwise by your surgeon, you mustn’t cut short the medication plan. Doing so can render it ineffectual and put you at risk of infection.
  • Allow Yourself to Rest: To ensure proper healing and recovery, it is advised that you abstain from strenuous physical activity for several days following dental extraction. Gradually resume your activities at a comfortable pace afterward.
  • To ensure your body heals appropriately, it is best that you abstain from smoking or using any tobacco products. Such practices can introduce hazardous bacteria into your body, so we strongly suggest quitting for good. The moment when it’s safe to start again will be determined by our team; however, the safest and healthiest option remains to cease altogether.

If you are feeling anxious about any type of oral surgery, like extracting a wisdom tooth or another procedure, we are here to help. Our skilled oral and maxillofacial surgeons at All Family Dental Care understand that such surgeries can be intimidating. We will answer all your questions so the process runs smoothly and is successful for you! For more information on recovering from tooth extraction, please contact our office today!

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