How can treatment with invisalign correct overbite and underbite?

Orthodontic problems such as overbites and underbites are not just cosmetic concerns. They can also cause speaking, chewing, and maintaining oral hygiene difficulties. Traditionally, metal braces were the go-to solution for these issues. However, with its clear, removable aligners, Invisalign has revolutionized orthodontic treatment. Let’s look closer at how Invisalign can correct overbites and underbites, giving you the smile you’ve always wanted.

Understanding Overbites and Underbites

An overbite occurs when the upper teeth protrude significantly over the lower teeth when biting down, while an underbite is the opposite, with the lower teeth extending past the upper teeth. Both conditions can lead to jaw pain, tooth wear, and difficulties with speech and chewing.

How Invisalign Works

Invisalign employs a series of custom-made, clear plastic aligners to move your teeth into the correct position gradually. These aligners are virtually invisible and can be removed for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing. They’re designed for comfort, with no metal brackets or wires to irritate your mouth.

Invisalign for Overbites and Underbites

Here’s how can correct overbites and underbites:

Customized Treatment

Every Invisalign treatment begins with a detailed 3D scan of your teeth. Your dentist will use this scan to create a personalized treatment plan for your needs. This plan outlines your teeth’ precise movements to correct your overbite or underbite.

Gradual Adjustment

You’ll receive new aligners Over a series of stages. Each set is slightly different, gradually shifting your teeth toward their ideal positions. This incremental adjustment allows for more efficient and comfortable treatment.

Effective Results

With consistent wear, Invisalign can effectively correct overbites and underbites, improving oral function and creating a more aesthetically pleasing smile. Remember, results vary depending on the severity of the condition and the patient’s compliance with wearing the aligners.

Is Invisalign Right for You?

Invisalign could be a great solution if you’re struggling with an overbite or underbite. Dr. Frank Hackman at All Family Dental Care is an experienced Invisalign dentist ready to guide you through your orthodontic journey. We’ll work closely with you to create a personalized treatment plan that fits your lifestyle and achieves your smile goals.

Your Smile, Reimagined

Overbites and underbites don’t have to dictate your smile. With Invisalign, you can confidently correct these issues and enjoy the benefits of a healthier, more beautiful smile. Reach out to us today to learn more!

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