Invisible Partial Dentures

Many advancements in modern dental technology have helped make it much easier to safeguard and maintain our teeth. However, it’s not uncommon to lose a tooth as we get older. We are happy to have new techniques available to help patients deal with the various degrees in tooth decay that could occur. For instance an implant dental and a ceramic crown can make the space between two teeth if one tooth has been lost. The All-on-4 implant procedure can bring back function and appearance to an arch that is full. Between the two, we have hidden partial dental implants.

Removable partial dentures have existed for decades. In the beginning, this artificial structure was composed of chrome-cobalt alloy. It was a mix of metals as well as acrylic polymers. Metal was a sturdy basis for the dental removable and acrylic was a great replacement to natural tooth. The conventional removable partial denture was secured with metal clasps.

Invisible partial dentures were created with time, as the desire for a natural appearance increased. According to the definition the term “invisible partial denture” implies that it is designed to disappear into the mouth and appear like natural teeth. At our Miami as well as Pembroke Pines offices, we accomplish this by using our Valplast(r) design. As with conventional removable partial dentures that have their base made of metal, Valplast(r) invisible partial dentures satisfy the most fundamental requirements, including stability, functional support and retention. In addition they are not visible, they fulfill the requirement for natural looking.

Valplast(r) Dentures that are removed are designed to be light and flexible. This kind of transparent partial tooth is very thin and does not contain any metal. The clasps that attach your partial denture the adjacent teeth are created “invisible” by an in-depth color-matching process using the material’s flexibility and naturally occurring gum tissues. We pay attention to every step of the design stage to ensure that the dentures we send are delivered from the lab exceed our expectations and also yours.

Implants in the form of dental implants, because of their replacement of roots are thought to be ideal to replace teeth over the long term. However, there instances where dental implants might not be suitable. Patients who are not patients for implants or prefer a less expensive procedure, love the discreet design of the partial denture. Other advantages for this Valplast(r) product are:

  • Comfort. Flexible, light material that allows for an ideal shape.
  • Functional. Small, subtle clasps aren’t a problem for speech, and are more likely than bulkier clasps to capture food.
  • Biocompatible. Dentures that are not made of metal can be manufactured without allergens that could cause allergic reactions.
  • Stress-distribution. As we chew food, force has to be distributed across the arch of our teeth. Valplast(r) the Valplast(r) invisble partial denture assists in this distribution of force so that the fixture and ensures that adjacent teeth do not get damaged quickly.
  • Conservative. Partially removable dentures doesn’t need reduction of teeth to fit a crown.
  • Durable. Due to the fact that Valplast(r) dental implants are pliable they’re virtually unbreakable.


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